Summer in Greece

The pictures of the series Summer in Greece were taken during the summer of 2007, on the north coast of the island of Crete. During long strolls with my Hasselblad in hand, I watched and photographed. Beaches overcrowded by umbrellas and sun loungers, people sunbathing strangely unaware of my presence, grotesque «monuments» to mass tourism such as a penguin shower and some oversized fake amphoras, David Beckham smiling out of a towel. And the Greek flag –a national symbol- waving over it all.

The towns of Malia and Hersonissos and the surrounding area were the first in Crete to host what can be termed as «mass tourism» in the same way that Mallorca or Ibiza do. Hotels and rooms to let, bars and restaurants are the only businesses in the district. Having gone through its golden age in the 80’s it is now in a semi-decadent phase and the locals keep complaining that it’s getting worse and worse every year due to the abundance of destinations worldwide, available through the internet and to the fact that tourists nowadays are not satisfied with mediocre, mass-produced package holidays.


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